The weather underground – New Crew 2016

In the vast network of tunnel U3LB, artists have come for years and from countries all over the world to write on the walls. It is a frozen guestbook of souls who dared to enter this foreboding place, some serious, some just marking their place in the passage of time.

You give up safety, control, light, and and comfort to come to this place, and you risk a violent, drowning death in the dark if the drains were ever to serve their purpose while you were inside. But you gain a kind of permanence, a feeling of being person-sized in a city that makes everyone feel so small. This is a chance to exist and mark the passing of others through this one thing we all have in common – we have come to this place.

Sometimes, artists come down here in crews and create something truly wonderful.

Here is a peek at a new addition to a gallery below the streets of LA. Street art at its finest.



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